Landscape Design

As experts in landscape design in Buffalo, NY CSA Landscaping takes everything into account when revamping your outdoor space. Important aspects, like the business or home's architecture, the lay of the land, and your personal preferences of design ideas, all play a vital role in creating a plan that will maximize your property's potential. Don't let your landscaping ideas remain on paper, call CSA Landscaping to bring out your inner talented landscape designer.

Professional Landscape Design Services

So you're still undecided on whether to take a shot at landscape design? Well, just take a moment and answer the following questions:

  • Are you ready to take control of your landscape's style?

  • Do you dream of applying your personal aesthetic to a home or business landscape?

  • Is there not enough time in the season to make the landscape design choices you want?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then our landscaping services may just be for you! CSA Landscaping transforms both neglected and newer landscapes with affordable, efficient landscape design. Offering services for all 12 months of the year, our dedicated professionals take the designs you create and bring them to life right before your eyes!

So before you spend your summer toiling away in the yard or garden, take a load off and choose CSA Landscaping for your next Williamsville, NY project!

Landscape Design in Buffalo, NY - Max Out Your Curb Appeal!

As residents of Buffalo, NY, we drive past thousands of properties, each with a surrounding landscape that allows it only so much curb appeal. Most people don't think of their entire property when having guests as a homeowner, or with customers as a business. However, a well-designed landscape with focal points made to catch the viewer's eye, can make the exterior design just as intriguing and stimulating as the interior!

At CSA Landscaping, we focus on bringing your design ideas to life with custom landscape design, or through our landscape engineers. Our goal is to provide you with a landscape that resonates with the way your entire property feels. We're aiming to max out your curb appeal, making your home's front yard or back yard a focal point on your block.

Your Great Ideas, Our Expert Landscaping

You may have some great ideas for your home's landscaping, but might not be sure how to execute them. That's where CSA Landscaping comes in. We are experts at landscape design in Buffalo, NY, and can take your ideas and turn them into a working design plan that can be executed and completed.

Our team will work with you to create a plan, taking into account your home's architecture, the lay of the land, and your personal preferences. We can also add unique features such as water features, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens to create a space that is both functional, visually appealing, and aesthetically uniform.

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Our talented landscape designer will help usher you into your next project.

Landscape Design vs. Landscape Maintenance

What's the difference between landscape design and landscape maintenance? Landscape design is the process of creating a plan for your property that takes into account your home's architecture, the lay of the land, and your personal aesthetic preferences. Landscape maintenance is the ongoing care and upkeep of your landscaping. The way that one designs their landscape directly affects how the landscape maintenance is undergone. It's quite possible to even make a landscape that requires very little to absolutely no maintenance!

At CSA Landscaping, we can help with capitalizing on both landscape design and landscape maintenance. We are experts at landscape design in Buffalo, NY, and take your creative ideas to the next level. We can also help you develop a plan for ongoing maintenance so that your landscaping always looks its best!

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What is Possible With Landscape Design?

The sky is the limit with our landscape design. Whether you are starting from scratch or wanting to update your current landscape, CSA Landscaping has the experience and expertise to establish your landscape's unique statement and aesthetic. It may be difficult to pin down the initial feeling that you make be going for, which is understandably a big decision. If you're looking to find inspiration for project ideas, you may want to start forming a mood board to pin down any landscaping ideas that come to mind.

Not every home is meant to have "modern landscaping", and even if the home can support the atmosphere, it may not resonate with you as the home or business owner. In the next section, we've listed some landscape designs that still count as "modern" landscaping ideas, without the modernized aesthetic itself.

Landscape Design Ideas

Suppose you are looking for modern landscape design ideas for your home. In that case, CSA Landscaping specializes in both modern and contemporary landscape design, incorporating clean, straight lines and geometric shapes into our plans. Below, we've summarized several forms of landscape design to provide inspiration for the everyday home or business owner seeking to hire a landscape designer.

Modern Landscaping

Sleek, sophisticated, & chic. This landscape design is known for its focus on sharp features, straight edges, and flat surfaces. When aiming for that modernized look, often plants, trees, and flowers are strategically placed and are selected to be tame growers and easy to manage. Hardscapes such as patio/deck space, concrete flooring, retaining walls, water features, and more, all also make for great additions to a modernized landscape!

Contemporary Landscaping

Contemporary landscaping typically goes down the route of using what is already at your disposal and expanding upon it. Using native flora to achieve a natural look whilst not overstepping the fine line of over-clutteredness can be quite the challenge. Achieving the balance of curves and straight lines, wooden accents and stone/tile, and mastering the strategic placement of plants or flowers, are important aspects of wanting to attain that contemporary aesthetic so many shoot for.

Country Landscaping

There's something about the country landscape design look that screams "homespun-charm". Maybe it's the rustic stone columns, lush gardens, or winding cobblestone paths; whatever it is, there's no doubt that this landscaping style has a certain appeal. But as any landscape designer knows, achieving this look takes more than just a country garden and a few meandering paths. Without a doubt, hiring a professional landscape architect for the job is the most effective approach to achieving this classic design!

English Landscaping

The English Landscape design takes aspects from landscaping throughout the century and combines them to form a peculiar design feel. Typically, these landscapes boast an asymmetrical feeling, not giving too much bias towards nature or hardscape. Though often, these landscapes are made for the inclusion of nature, commonly having features such as lawns, gardens, groves, brick or cobblestone structures, statues, fencing, and hedges.

Colonial Landscaping

Modeled and inspired by the colonial style of housing that our American ancestors used, this style of landscape is a classic for most American homeowners. This style of housing often uses features for the purpose of utility rather than solely for visuals, though still includes aspects that give it its own unique aesthetic. Including landscape features like fencing, vegetable & flower gardens, brick or stone retaining walls, and more.

Tropical Landscaping

With inspiration, a tropical landscape can be quite easy to visualize, yet can be hard to get right without the proper landscape project design. The usage of tropical plants, trees, and water elements, is an obvious giveaway with a tropic design. Usually, a tropic landscape will include a pool that provides either a natural or modern feel to a leisure area. Depending on whether you're aiming more for a tropical theme vs solely tropical features, you may consider adding aesthetic changes such as tropical statues, torches, an outdoor fireplace or bonfire, fruit trees, ponds, waterfalls, and more!

CSA Landscaping - Designing and Building Your Ideal Outdoor Space!

There's nothing quite like having an outdoor space that's beautiful, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. At CSA Landscaping, we take pride in our ability to design and construct ideal outside spaces for your Buffalo, NY homes and businesses. Our landscape designers will work with you to create a plan that takes into account your preferences, budget, and the existing architecture and lay of the land. We'll then bring your vision to life by expertly installing all the features in your landscape design.

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Cook and Relax With An Outdoor Kitchen!

One of the best things about having an outdoor kitchen is that it allows you to enjoy cookouts and family gatherings without having to worry about the mess. You can cook, eat, and entertain without worrying about tracking dirt and debris into your home. Plus, cleanup is a breeze when everything is already outdoors!

Another great benefit of an outdoor kitchen is that it provides a wonderful opportunity for family time. Whether you're cooking together or simply enjoying each other's company, an outdoor kitchen creates a relaxed and comfortable setting that is perfect for spending quality time with loved ones.

If you're someone who enjoys cooking, an outdoor kitchen also gives you the chance to cook in the fresh air and natural light. It's a great way to start the day with a delicious morning meal or spend some solo time enjoying the process of preparing a meal in the beautiful weather. Of course, get-togethers are always more fun when cooking outdoors! No matter what your reasons for wanting an outdoor kitchen are, there are many benefits to enjoy. So if you're on the fence about adding one to your landscape's design - we believe you won't regret it!

Transform Outdoor Spaces With Entertaining Features!

Is your back yard space lacking in entertainment value? CSA Landscaping can help! We specialize in design installation and can incorporate elements such as fountains, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens to create a functional and visually appealing space. We've listed a few more features that can really help to increase the functionality of your landscape and to gain curb appeal!

  1. Fountains/Waterfalls
  2. Gardens
  3. Outdoor Living Spaces/Kitchens
  4. Irrigation/Sprinkler Systems
  5. Pool & Spa Features
  6. Cabanas
  7. Rainwater Harvesting Systems
  8. Lighting Systems
  9. Outdoor Furniture & Accessories

& much more!

These are just a few of the ways you can ensure your outdoor space is always entertaining. With the help of our landscape designers, we can customize a plan that meets your specific needs and budget. So whether you're looking to add a single feature or transform your entire landscape, we can help!

Modern Landscape Design: A Great Option For New Homeowners!

If you are a new homeowner in Buffalo, NY, landscape design is a great way to make your house feel like a home. CSA Landscaping can help you create a plan that can bring your new home to the modern feel that you need! A lot of people renovate their homes to match their own personal style. However, sometimes people renovate or even build new homes that come with an already established landscape. This can be a great opportunity to modernize the yard and make it your own!

Landscape design has come a long way in recent years, and there are now more options than ever before for those who want to update their outdoor space. From xeriscaping to installing a pergola, there are plenty of ways to add value to your home with a modern landscape design. Whether you're looking to renovate an old school home, or simply want to update your yard to keep up with the Joneses, modern landscape design is a great option for new homeowners.

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