Our dedicated landscaping professionals specialize in lawn maintenance, landscape design, and snow removal services for both residential and commercial entities. From hardscape installation to seasonal waste clean up, CSA Landscaping has something for every property owner in Western New York!

A Little More About Us..

Based just outside of Williamsville, NY, CSA Landscaping provides top-tier landscaping and snow plowing services to Buffalo, Ny and its surrounding areas!

From snowy winter maintenance to beautiful patio installation and summer garden care, we offer a variety of Buffalo landscape design, maintenance, and modification services to meet your every landscaping need.

Our goal is to provide you with year round landscaping care that will help you achieve the property of your dreams! We provide all services both commercially and residentially - all year round!

So when you choose CSA Landscaping, there's no ambiguity, confusion, or underhanded sales tactics. We only offer you with the best possible services at a competative and affordable price.

We Make Your Dream Lawn a Reality

See for yourself and take the next step towards leveling up your landscaping!

Our Landscaping Services

At CSA Landscaping, we offer a wide range of landscaping services to help our clients create their dream outdoor spaces. From spring and fall cleanups, to the installation of patios, decks, fences, and lighting. We take care of your landscaping projects so you can spend your seasons making memories.

We also offer sod installation, pond and waterfall construction, and other landscaping features. Besides our installation services, we provide ongoing landscape maintenance and modification services to keep your space looking its best. So whether you need help to get your project started, or if you're looking for someone to take care of your landscaping needs long-term, we're here to help!

Our Snow Removal Services

Alongside our landscaping and maintenance services, CSA Landscaping makes handling winter snow buildup a breeze. Our plows clear your driveway to ensure you aren't snowed in with shoveling to do. We also offer this service commercially, so your business doesn't have to be bogged down by heavy snowfall.

For quick and efficient snow plowing with both residential and commercial options, we're your go-to choice for any winter maintenance! We clear snow and ice from your lots and driveways with our plowing and salting service, helping to keep your business flowing and the snow's inches from growing!

We're Always Thrilled to Receive Positive Feedback From Our Customers!

It's always nice to hear how pleased our customers are with their landscaping. We know that there are a lot of lawn care choices out there, so we're grateful that our customers have been with us for years, and we hope to continue to provide them with the excellent service they expect from us.
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